delta dental insurance plans | no waiting dental insurance

delta dental insurance plans | no waiting dental insurance

or we have a program here in  our office for patients who do not have  insurance and it’s called the smile smart plan there’s a brochure on all the  tables you can take if you’re interested and it’s an alternative to insurance okay it’s not used with insurance but  it’s an alternative to insurance and what it is is you pay one fee per year right now it’s . for the year and that includes two cleanings exams and x-rays.


and % off of anything else that you might delta dental insurance plans  need so if you needed an implant or you know kid needed braces or whatever you’d get your  off of that  so that’s what I mean when I say self-insure now who would that make sense for well many many dental insurance plans today cost $ per person per month if you’ve got one that  cost less you’re lucky that’s pretty standard and some of them cost more than that but.

just as an example if you had a plan that paid or that cost you  a month that’s $ a year that you’re  paying to the insurance company if all you’re using that for is two cleanings you’ve lost money on that deal right because your two cleanings don’t cost two dollars say you’ve spent more than  you really had to do you said to me which is why we came up with this plan because $. is right about what your two.

cleanings are and that way if you need something else you get  off of it if you don’t need anything else you  haven’t paid for a benefit that you don’t need okay because keep in mind that those annual benefits do not roll over to the next year if you don’t use them in the calendar year they’re gone okay all right we’ve already hit on this a  little bit a few concepts that do apply to all plans that there will be a deductible.

of some kind how much it depends on the contract that you have chosen right but there will be a deductible of some kind there will be an annual maximum the  amount of which depends on the contract that you chose but there will be some amount of money that once they’ve paid that amount they’re done all plans have exclusions they’re rarely in bold on the title page of the policy right they’re buried somewhere in page   sub a sub Roman numeral three right but there are always going to be exclusions and the most common ones are implants.