how to use dental insurance no waiting period

dental insurance no waiting period just go ahead and give you a couple extra drops novocaine right now you are locally sedated dental insurance no waiting period with some propofol but it’s so little in the IV that you could be waking up at any minute and usually we don’t do general anesthesia for these procedures but yours is just so back there and it’s a wreck getting your teeth balled but other.

dental insurance no waiting period
dental insurance no waiting period

Than that you’re deep are looking amazing and I’m going to be the doctor who is extracting.

This tooth so let’s go ahead and get you sedated well take away the pain a little bit [Music] just know wow your mouth is already open here we go hmm so .

This procedure is relatively easy I will not be using gloves I have completely sterilized I will be removing the jewelry .

I will just simply be taking an object here that is known as its new in the dental community it’s known as the extractor and since yours is so far down how to remove a tooth is we’re just gonna I am gonna touch you with your okay you know how does consent is .

I’m just gonna reach back there with the little pick and start digging the gums down so for example if it was my upper tooth I would be pushing the gums up all the way up around the tooth it’ll cost a little bit of blood I have some cotton balls here and the reason I’m not wearing gloves just because I need my full hands to be able to get in there don’t be intimidated by .

The long nails okay so I have my tip here full of toes you’re probably wondering why this nail looks so bad and that’s a little bit of stickiness I had just worked on a patient and we did a full face extraction we removed all of their teeth so by now Raghava but don’t be intimidated .

I promise you this procedure is safe you’re only having one let me just open up here and I’m just gonna have a look with my mirror followed by taking the gums down and picking away at any decay around the teeth in