Getting a best dental plan is Humana dental plans

 Has revised Humana dental plans the criteria for paying dental service fees in the social security system Whether the scaling, filling, removal and removal of ingrown Humana dental plans teeth from the original 600 baht / person / year, increased to 900 baht / person / year, enforced since 12 August 2016.


The insurer has The right to receive medical fees as actually paid as needed Without having to reserve before paying but not more than 900 baht per year by paying according to the medical service fees as announced by the Medical Committee.

Cost effective protection For oral and dental health problems Of you and your family Without having to reserve medical expenses In advance at the dental clinic Or more than 200 standard hospitals nationwide .

Under the benefits of the acrid-Dental VIP Care Card with appointment service with dentists and confirmation of appointments via ms  • able to access the service through a dental clinic Or hospitals that have standards in the network under the policy•

Get service, contact to make an appointment with the clinic of the clinic Or hospitals under the network According to your needs With service to confirm the appointment via MS before entering the service•

Specify request to use dental clinic service Or the hospital you are satisfied with• Request information Privilege And treatment history under your insurance policy• Can receive dental services after 65 days from the policy date Effective protection.